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  • Class of 1966:
    The Class of 1966 just celebrated its 50th Reunion. Congratulations, Alumni! Click on the link below for photos and more details.


  • Class of 1975:
  • Class of 1985:
  • Class of 1995:
  • Class of 2005:

You are always welcome to come "home".  Stop by any time and see the remodeled spaces and the new and improved Senior Stairway and Stars. We look forward to your support, advocacy of St. Bernard's, and continued belief in the Viking Family. We look forward to seeing you at Homecoming every year.

The Alumni Association is an extension of the St. Bernard High School Family community of faith. We are tested by a global society where values and a sense of community are being challenged on a daily basis. Together we can meet these obstacles and produce educated and well-informed young people to take their places as proud Vikings. Your sharing and participation in our vision is incalculable. The generosity and loyalty of our alumni have been a powerful influence on the students of SBHS.

Please contact Jennifer Hubbell for more information about Alumni. (310) 823-4651 x 131


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Dora Rivas   “Know and believe in yourself.  Create your own life and expectations. Never be afraid to fail, be afraid of not trying and above all, work very hard, it always pays off.” Dora Rivas, Class of 1972  
shawnpapazian"Loyal sons and daughters, St Bernard High to you!" was something we nonchalantly and jokingly sang throughout my years at St Bernards'.  As I reflect back today, I realize more and more all the brothers and sisters I have because of our school to which I am indebted to for life... as one should of their kin.  If I were to be in the gym today and sing our song, I would most definitely sing it as loud and as proud as my soul would allow. Shawn Papazian, Class of 1991
"One of the quotes that I live by is that "there's no such thing as luck. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  St. Bernard did a wonderful job of preparing me for the amazing opportunities I've had in my life." Olympia Scott,  Class of 1994
 "St. Bernard without a doubt provided me the sound academic foundation I needed to graduate from Stanford University and with my MBA from Wharton. The opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities also gave me lessons about teamwork, commitment and leadership that I continue to draw upon to this very day." Marla Bleavins, Class of 1994
Stanford Alum, Class of 1998
Wharton MBA, Class of 2012
St. Bernard Board Member
Assistant General Manager, LA Convention Center
Bria Biggs“While at St. Bernard, I blossomed into a confident young woman because the teachers pushed and challenged me to always give 100% in everything I did.  I was involved in as much as possible including ASB President, sports, dance, clubs, student government, etc... and I still maintained a 4.0 (sometimes higher!).  My involvement in so many activities prepared me for life, made me more responsible, and taught me to better manage my time”. Bria Biggs, Class of 2005

Message from the Principal...

There has been great pride, spirit and tradition established by SBHS Alumni. We appreciate PLynchthe generosity and support you have given your Alma Mater over the last fifty years. I look forward to working with you to begin a new era of excellence for the next fifty years. Our vision is to make St. Bernard High School the "jewel" of the Archdiocese. To ensure the continued success of our endeavors, we need you to help fulfill the vision and mission of the school. We are successful because you have given so much to your Alma Mater. Hail, all Hail ...
Dr. Patrick Lynch