Christian Service Hour Program

The Campus Ministry program at St. Bernard High School, in partnership with the Religious Studies department, assists students in having a lived experience of Christian community, understanding and embracing Catholic teachings, and becoming inspired with the Holy Spirit and growing in faith and spirituality.  The vision of SBHS Campus Ministry is to inspire full, active, and conscious participation in the spiritual life of SBHS in each student.

Below are quick links to our Christian Service Hour Forms for our students and partnering organizations.

Christian Service Hour Requirements and Schedule


Christian Service Hour Form


In the classroom, we are inviting discussion on issues of faith, allowing students to reflect upon and express their spirituality. We are teaching students the beliefs and practices of the Church, helping them to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in the world today.

Outside of the classroom, Campus Ministry is supporting students in the growth of their faith with:

– Monthly all-school Masses
– Christian Service opportunities
– Annual Food Drive
– Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen
– Annual grade-level retreats
– Freshman Day Retreat
– Sophomore Retreat at Youth Day

Junior Overnight
– Senior Overnight
– Student Leadership CORE Team

– Weekly chapel prayer services
– Big Brother/Big Sister Program
– Pastoral support from adult and peer ministers



Contact Information:

Monique Rigard

p: (310) 823-4651 x109