Established in 1957.

St. Bernard High School, which celebrated its 59th Anniversary in 2016, is an Archdiocese Catholic High School serving students from Torrance, Inglewood, Westchester, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and the Greater South Bay.  In beautiful Playa del Rey, St. Bernard athletics compete in the Del Rey League with such schools as Gardena Serra, St. Monica, Cantwell Sacred Heart and St. Paul High School.

  • The planning for St. Bernard Catholic High School began in 1955 in response to the need for high schools in the Westchester-Playa del Rey area.  A four-year Catholic co-instructional school, St.  Bernard High School marks September 10, 1957, as Founder’s Day and St.  Anastasia Elementary School as its first location. It was at St.  Anastasia School that classes were held for one year prior to the completion of the present-day campus. On December 4, 1957, the present land site was blessed at a simple ceremony with the first faculty and student body in attendance.

    During 1957-1958 the pioneer class chose the school colors: blue, signifying loyalty; white, purity; and gold, nobility; and their school name: Vikings.  The school’s first coordinator, Reverend Francis J.  Cahill, headed the faculty consisting of the Brothers of St.Patrick, Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, and Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

    On September 22, 1958, the doors of the new St.  Bernard High School opened for the first time at 9100 Falmouth Ave. Playa del Rey, CA. On May 24, 1958, the original building was solemnly dedicated.


    Bernard_of_Clairvaux_-_Gutenburg_-_13206ST.  BERNARD

    St.  Bernard was born of a noble Burgundian family at Fontaines, France, in 1090. Undecided as to what he should do with his life, young Bernard considered the religious life, but was urged by friends to pursue a life of leisure.  His family wished to see him further his studies.  Finally, in 1112, Bernard had reached his decision and joined the Benedictine Abbey at Citeaux.

    The tenderness and piety with which he wrote of the glories of the Blessed Mother are found in his prayers, sermons, and writings.  Bernard died August 20, 1153, at Clairvaux and was canonized in 1774. He was named a doctor of the church in 1830. St. Bernard’s feast day is August 20th.





    The school crest, found in the main entrance, symbolizes the outstanding attributes of the school patron, St. Bernard.  The miters symbolize his position as Abbot, and recall his sanctity. The book signifies his vast knowledge, love of learning and his valuable contribution to the theology of the Church. It has been a tradition with students at St. Bernard High School to hold the crest in high esteem and, therefore, never to walk on or otherwise deface this symbol of our school.

    St. Bernard LOGO

    Patron Saint: St. Bernard

    Motto: Noverim  Te; Noverim  Me  —  “By knowing Him, I know myself.”

    Colors: Blue, White, and Gold

    School Prayer: The Memorare Maria — Remember Mary

    School Mascot: Viking

    School Crest: Three Miters — A Book — The School Motto



    Loyal Sons and Daughters,

    St.  Bernard High to you

    Pledge fore’er allegiance,

    Loyalty strong and true.

    Mary our Queen, leads us onward

    ‘Neath  gold, white, and blue.

    Alma Mater, great St.  Bernard

    Hail, all hail to you!

  • Vision Statement

    In a global society where values and a sense of community are being challenged daily, it has never been more imperative to educate our youth to be the future leaders, inventors, professionals, creators, and philanthropists of the 21st century. St. Bernard Catholic High School is moving to the forefront of education as it takes its place as a highly progressive, competitive, multicultural and God-valued institution of learning. By 2018, St. Bernard Catholic High School will be the school of choice for Catholic students in the Los Angeles area by providing a complete educational experience immersed in the Catholic tradition and excelling in both academic and co-curricular programs. Students graduating from the school will have the motivation and expertise necessary to pursue their aspirations for higher learning and lead lives as faith-filled and responsible citizens.

    Mission Statement

    St. Bernard High School inspires students to be faith-filled disciples, passionate learners, dynamic leaders, innovative thinkers, and honorable citizens.  We anchor this college preparatory education in Roman Catholic tradition and a diverse, faith-based community.




    Witnessed in Faith Faith-filled Disciples
    Empowered with Knowledge Passionate Learners
    Inspired by Discovery Innovative Thinkers
    Enlivened with Possibility Courageous Leaders
    Called to Glory Honorable Citizens


    In harmony with the school’s mission, the philosophy of Saint Bernard Catholic High School is driven by the message of Jesus Christ and the mission of the Roman Catholic Church.  We recognize parents as the primary educators of their children and understand that our role is to assist parents in accomplishing this task by acting as facilitators to the learning and personal growth of the child. We strive to equip students with the skills they need to live faith-filled, dynamic, honorable and productive lives in the image of Christ.


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