St. Bernard High School inspires students to be faith-filled disciples, passionate learners, courageous leaders, innovative thinkers, and honorable citizens. We anchor this college preparatory education in Roman Catholic tradition and a diverse, faith-based community.

Teachers at St. Bernard really made a difference in my life.  Their patience (to an appropriate limit given some of my antics), expertise, and passion to help me and my classmates learn what was both important academically and morally in life prepared me exceptionally well for college and strengthened the moral compass that has guided every important choice/decision I’ve made since graduation. I am grateful for them to this day and still keep them in my prayers.
Kevin P. Chilton, General Kevin P. Chilton, Pilot on Space Shuttle Endeavour Class of 1972
Saint Bernard High School forms students to know and love God, to lead with faith, and to act with grace and dignity – acknowledging the Lord’s unique presence within and around them.  As faith-filled disciples, SBHS students and alumni bear witness to love, hope and compassion and actively invite others to join as they move through life.
Dr. Franca Dell’Olio, Professor, Educational Leadership and Administration , Loyola Marymount University.
St. Bernard played a pivotal role in my formation as a Catholic young man, and in preparing me for life. 
With hindsight, it is clear that there was a deliberate process in place at St. Bernard to develop me and my fellow students as faith-filled leaders.  My formation at St. Bernards provided me with vision to see the potential in myself, and the education I received provided me with the tools necessary to succeed in my college career and beyond.
Emelio Castaneda, Founder of Field Fresh Foods, largest regional provider of organic produce.
‘The teachers and administrators at St. Bernard helped me find my “voice”, literally and figuratively. I vividly remember being encouraged to be a strong, independent thinker and leader. I also was actively involved in the speech club, and the nurturing I received there led to a career in news broadcasting.’
Sylvia Lopez, News Anchor for CBS2 and KCAL9 in Los Angeles
I’ve always appreciated the well-rounded education I received at St. Bernard and am proud to tell people I’m a Viking.  It provided me a solid academic foundation I could use a springboard for my career in engineering and, more importantly, prepared me as a person for the challenges of living the Faith without fear in our city and world.
Steve Sichi, Class of 1981. Director, Communications and Network System Engineering Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems
What I hope most for my St. Bernard student/son is to see him grow and flourish as a student, become the leader I know him to be, and  be more helpful which is one of his natural qualities.  I know St. Bernards will guide him and nurture these qualities in him and I believe he will enjoy the challenge the school will put before him.  I am  proud of him.  I know St. Bernards will also return this feeling of pride about him.  He is an asset for the school and the school is perfect for bringing out the best qualities in him.
Sean Collins, Sr, Class of 1984
My favorite memory as a student was welcome week my freshman year.  The activities where fun and made me feel very welcomed to the Viking family.
Marquis Cox , Class of 2015
Family is the way we support each other in all of our endeavors. My experience with the teachers has had a major impact on me because they have taught me valuable lessons in both the classroom and in life. The Principal is an amazing woman who cares about each of the students at the school and has made a huge impact on St. Bernard in her first year there.
Nia Walker , Class of 2014
I feel blessed to be a member of the Viking Family because I have been given the opportunity to meet some AMAZING people, I’ve learned more about myself and what I am capable of, and I’ve grown from the experiences I’ve had at this school.Teachers at St. Bernard are so great! Our school has truly been blessed with some wonderful educators with amazing backgrounds, and lots of knowledge to share.
Lauren Palacios, Class of 2014
As parents at St. Bernard we love the positive and loving spirit of the staff, teachers and students. We also love the teacher/student ratio which allows our son to get more personal assistance.
Mr. and Mrs. Cox , Parents of class of 2015
What I love most about the Viking Family is…the caring and commitment to the student body.  I feel confident that my child is in great hands! Mrs. Roberts and Ms. Capell along with Dr. Hoepner are great administrators that are really looking out for the best interests of the students.  I thank Mrs. Roberts in particular for working with the students to get them college ready and college prepared.  Students are getting into their 1st choice colleges because of the hard work that everyone is doing!
Tracie N. Hunter, Tracie N. Hunter, Parent ’15. Tracie N. Matthews, class of 1992